Take away special menu

Upgraded Take Away Menu!
More Varieties! More Value Worth!
Only 1 Call Away!
Drive Through Pick-Up!
Order And Collect with AnMour Cafe Now!
Check out our latest Great Deal and Free Drinks! Just follow easy 3 steps:
1) Make a call,
2) Place your order
3) Drive through pick up
Remember, we are ONLY one call away!
Operation Time : 11:30am – 8pm (everyday)
Promotion Period : 31/03/2020 – 14/04/2020
Outlets’ Information:
1. SUTERA UTAMA: 07-556 3420
2. MOUNT AUSTIN: 07-350 0897
3. TAMAN GAYA: 07-861 6294
4. PERMAS JAYA: 07-382 0975
5. TAMAN PELANGI: 07-336 3285
6. INDAHPURA: 07-660 0168
7. TAMAN BUKIT INDAH: 07-230 0434
8. TAMAN JOHOR JAYA: 07-351 3316
9. TAMAN ECO BOTANIC: 07-509 5188

Anmour’s Oktoberfest 2019

Life is filled with problems BUT good times and good food are not!
Lots to Drink and Lots of Good-Meat Times are HERE @ AnMour’s Oktoberfest 2019!
Visit your favorite AnMour Café outlet and check out our insatiable splendid Oktoberfest food menu* 1st October onwards!
Don’t miss out our latest creation, Citrus Shandy*!

Nasi Lemak Burger 2.0

Merdeka Malaysia Specials!

We have designed our very own local Merdeka Dishes just for you. The Nasi Lemak 2.0 burger, Buffalo Fries and Pandan Coconut.

Visit AnMour Cafe from 16 Aug and celebrate Merdeka Malaysia with your family and friends!

Happy Parent Day 11/5 – 16/6

📣Attention! Superheroes are not only found in movies! Come and celebrate this Parents’ Day with your SuperDad and SuperMum in AnMour Cafe!

🍽Pamper them with our sumptuous *Mushroom Rissoto with King Prawn and the refreshing Beetroot Peach Fruit Tea!

🌊Deliver the ocean to your Super Parents and shower them with love at AnMour Cafe! 💕

*Promotion only available from 11/05/19 – 16/06/19.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with AnMour Cafe!

Celebrate International Women’s Day with AnMour Cafe!💕🌹

Dear lovely Ladies and Women of all ages, with each main course purchase, you are entitle to a FREE glass of Lemon Tea!

Hence, you may enjoy our delicious Chocolate Fudge Cake dessert at ONLY RM3*